Starting this farm has been one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives.  Not only has the journey taught us things about all of these incredible animals.  But we have learned so much about ourselves as well.  Each animal has very interesting traits and personalities that emerge as we develop relationships with them.  But what is even more rewarding is watching how the animals respond to our guests.  We get to see new aspects of who they are emerge and a unique desire to connect with people.  I am amazed every time I see it.  We expect them to respond to us.  We feed them, comfort them, and spoil them.  But seeing an animal submit to a child it doesn't know, vulnerable and powerless to make a connection is moving.  

Watching how the animals, as mothers and fathers, watch over and protect their babies gives amazing parallels to our own families.  Comparing sheep and goats with their unique differences but so similar in their physical needs gives us a new understanding of how our Father in heaven must see us.  

Whether it is a child who cannot speak, one with aggressive behaviors, a traumatized teen or overwhelmed adult - animals bridge the gap.  They teach us about our own basic emotions and needs: fear, trust, dependence, connection, loss, space and even remorse.

Our little farm has become a special place for people of all ages to connect, learn and grow.  We feel blessed to be able to shepherd these amazing animals.  Now we are offering our friends and guests a chance to experience what Prairie Creek Kids is all about.