We have a unique setting on a rural Kansas farm.  The farm is an ideal place that provides rich opportunities through the everyday activities of simple farm life.  These activities are ideal for developing core strength, coordination, sensory integration, problem solving and social interaction.  Special bonds between animals and people provide a motivational back drop for developing listening, direction following, behavior regulation and social awareness.  

We offer private and small group fee for service occupational therapy sessions.  All therapy participants must complete a comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation before beginning individual or small group treatment.  An individualized treatment plan will be developed with the participant and family.  All treatment plans will included a recommended number of treatment sessions, a re-assessment and discharge plan.  A doctor's script will be obtained before an evaluation will be completed.  A comprehensive evaluation report and recommended treatment plan will be available and sent to your doctor for approval.

If you would like to make a donation to the farm or toward scholarships for families in need.  You can donate here.