Prairie Creek Kids is a sensory stimulating, therapeutic farm filled with hands on educational experiences with heritage breed animals for all ages.

We offer several ways to visit the farm.  

Field Trips

We can provide 2 to 4 hour field trips.  We will provide interesting and unique information on all the different heritage breed animals that we care for at Prairie Creek Kids Farm.  Your students can pet, groom, and feed each animal as they learn about them.  You may even get a chance to gather eggs from the nesting box, hunt for a turkey nest or milk a goat.  

Goat Milking Class

One hour sessions to learn how to milk a goat.  Ask questions about feeding, grooming, breeding and caring for Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Goat Milk Soap Class

Attend 2, two hour sessions and learn how to make goat milk soap for your family and friends.