We are a family that lives to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We believe God has given us this farm and specific gifts that will benefit others.  We have been called to serve.  Each of us does this in our own ways and some of us are still learning.  But one thing we know to be true is that we are truly blessed.

Not unlike many families today, we have been put together through non-traditional ways.  God has put each and every one of us together to strengthen and sharpen each other.  We believe in having a safe place to be unconditionally accepted and loved.  We have biological children and adopted children, each with their own talents and gifts.  

We work hard, play often, laugh a lot and serve each other.  We are a diverse group.  We have book worms, techies, sports fanatics, musicians, dreamers, doers, thinkers, builders, organizers and the creative minds.  We don't come from the same backgrounds and we don't always see eye to eye so listening is an important skill we work on every day.  But through it all we support each other.  Learning how to live gracefully in this world is not easy and it takes a lot of practice.  We are a family committed to walking with each other through the good, bad, ugly and stagnant times in this life.  

A few of our family rules:

If something is dirty - wash it.

If something stinks - clean it up.

If something is rotten - compost it.

If something is toxic - get rid of it.

If something seems impossible - get help.

If something causes hurt - change it.

If something is broken - fix it.

If something is fragile - nuture it. 

If something goes wrong - find out why.

If something is in need - provide.

If something works - stick with it.

If something is awesome - celebrate.

If you are blessed - be greatful.

If you are loved - give love.