A tough few days...

I sheared my first sheep Monday.  It was not as difficult as I had expected.  At least not for me.   Not sure if Deliliah would agree with me after a few nips here and there.  But nothing serious. I am sure that she feels like a new woman after shedding her almost 6 inch wool coat!  Thank you to the Bumgartener's for loaning us shearers. It would have taken me days with my clippers and scissors.  Now I just have to figure out how to clean and comb my fibers.  Then I can try my hand at spinning and weaving.  

We had a few really rough days.  Our australian shepherd, Stormie, got a little too excited with duck mating season.  She decided to get in on all the chasing and catching just like the drakes. Only she didn't figure out when to stop.   She attacked several birds and even a few rabbits.  She didn't eat them.  Just chewed them up enough to hurt them.  This is day 5 and we have lost one rabbit, my beautiful Muscovy drake, our little white Campbell duck, and my precious Giselle, the Sebastopol goose.  Gaspar, the Sebastopol gander, is hurt pretty bad as well.  He has his neck torn open and his wings are chewed up pretty bad.  And to complicate matters, the flies this year are horrific and will not leave these poor animals alone.  Keeping their wounds clean and free of flies is proving to be a constant battle.   Poor Gaspar is lost without Giselle.  I hope to find him a new mate.  He is pathetic right now stained with Blue Kote and betadine.  He doesn't even want to come to me after all the doctoring and I don't blame him.  I am not sure he can even 'speak' anymore - Not that that would bother Dad.  I just hope he can get back to his sweet protective self again.  

We were able to find a few silver muscovy ducklings yesterday.  So we made the almost 2 hour trip and brought 4 home.  They got out of the carrier once we got home and decided that a resting group of khaki campbell ducklings needed to pay for their traumatic day.  They headed straight for them to let them know they were not pleased to join our little farm.   The little brown ducklings picked up as quick as possible and waddled off to find an new shady spot to squat.  Later in the afternoon the new ducklings were off exploring the new surroundings together.  They had settled down by evening and were willing to go into the duck and goose pen with everyone else for the night.  I guess time will tell.